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This is my random memos of my interested and tips.

Who the author?

Kazuei HIRONAKA since 1987
Im working slave at a major company in Japan.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kazuei.hironaka/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nyacom_net

About this server

nyacom.net is hosted since 2003.

2002~2004 (Nyacom1 – Nyacom3)

In 2002, the broadband internet connection for home was available in Japan.
so I started this website with using 1.5Mbps ADSL with a PC server using a AMD K6 333Mhz with Debian.

and this time, I registered a domain ‘nyacom.net’.
so I have been keep it for more than 10 years..

2004~2012 (Nyacom4)

After few years later, fiber-cable high-speed internet connection (FTTH) service was available.
Then I changed a new server with FTTH connection.

The new server was using dual intel’s PentiumII processor (Deschutes) with 1GB SDR-SDRAM
Deschutes is pretty good processor. because it can operate without fan!!
so I installed only 2 case fans for this server to reducing noises..

my 4th gen..
my 4th gen..
super duper ordinal PC.. with dual socket PentiumII 450Mhz.. (fanless)
super duper ordinal PC.. with dual socket PentiumII 450Mhz.. (fanless)
still using SDR-SDRAM.. but this is 1GB!!
still using SDR-SDRAM..
but this is 1GB!!


2012~2013 (Nyacom5)

I have using Pentium II server for mostly 10 years..
It is really stable and good enough for my usage.. (but processor loads are stick on ceiling sometimes..
but.. It has interface issue day by day.. because the server supports only the conventional IDE interface.
so I need install external I/F card for adapting ‘modern’ SATA hard drives..

Then I decided replace new server for adapt new age..

IBM x3650
IBM x3650


yup.. This is IBM’s 2U rack-mount server.. with 2 Xeon 4core processor.
Generally, 2U server is too noisy to settle in the room. so I configured it to slow fan speed.
(I found a ‘secret’ switch on PCB. 🙂 then it can controls fan speed slow..)

This server was really powerful and stable but in ‘strike’ sometimes..
It doesn’t booting up due to integrated RAID controller..

2013~ (Nyacom6)

Replacing more low emission server..
IBM’s x3650 is good server. but it is too hot in summer season…
so I decided changed more new generation..
The DELL power edge R710. It has nehalem gen 2socket 4cores Xeon processor with HTT.


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